Magic was the theme we chose for this Be the Change Celebration 2017 and magic is the word that I think best describes what we have been living. Magic from that first moment in which the delegations went up to put that marble, which represented the wisdom acquired during a year, in that magic cauldron.

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Magic is what we have been seeing in the workshops, from those that painted figures in the air, or those where we saw music, or we created music, or we danced, we have done mindfulness, we have done gymkhanas, we have done a lot of things that what they showed, what is it? The interaction, the interaction between people from 29 countries that were representing us in this Celebration.

Magic at the time of seeing how the representatives of the 19 projects from 19 different countries that had been able to come with kids, told us what they had done. And how together, Better Together, they had been able to make a change, however small, in their environment, to teach us, what? That the youngest are not the future, but the present, and that what we have to do is listen to them.

Magic has also been what we experienced during the moments in which we had the inspiring talks, in which specific people told us their experiences and once again manifested the Better Together, as well as how in front of different realities, the best is to rely on each other to change things.

And then those performances that we had, the music that was present and made everyone stand up and made nationalities irrelevant, all united when it comes to dancing and singing. Or the magic that was also present with that magician who was accompanying us.

Two days in which we lived the magic, and now what remains is to celebrate, celebrate this sixth edition that has been absolutely incredible, and well, now it is a matter of waiting for Taiwan to see how they surprise us, because it will be the next year. So that’s what we have left, wait until next year.